Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Denim Mini

For Summer - An Effective Balance:
The otherwise youthful denim mini is brought to a matured elegance when paired with a delicate blouse or button-up.

In Between the Season:
Compliment the firm silhouette of a denim mini with an oversized chunky sweater. For a sleek alternative, opt for a leather jacket and booties!

Layering For Fall:
Adding tights to your outfit will centralize your mini skirt and camouflage it's length, leaving you with an ensemble perfect for the cooler weather. 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Weekender

The polo shirt is a durable favorite that can be worn day or night. Pair a fitted polo with a clean cut chino or slim trouser during the day. For an evening out, dress it up with a blazer.

Keep the outerwear light with a bomber, distressed leather, or rolled denim jacket. 

A Short-Sleeve Seersucker looks great buttoned up or down. Roll up the sleeves for flattering shape to the arm! 

Steer clear of baggy shorts and opt for pleated chinos or structured linen.

Scrap the sneakers for the matured summer shoe: loafers, drivers or espadrilles. 

Add some couth to your brunch ensemble -
Top it off with a straw or light colored hat! 

***photo credit: NYFW, J Crew, Louis Darcis, iamgalla, pinterest, Milano Moda Uomo Spring/Summer ’16, Anthony Urbano