Monday, December 15, 2014

Whether You're Travel Bound or Fire Side, Wrap Yourself In These Chic Textures

Shop Meg's Picks:
Angora Turtleneck Sweater
Striped Sweater Blanket Coat
Thermal Sweatpants
Crepe Slip Dress
Cashmere Socks
Alpaca & Wool Fringe-Knit Jacket
Shaggy Plaid Coat
Infinity Scarf
Thermal Midi Dress

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Girl! Learn How to Wear a Hat & Wear It Right! Etiquette, Styling, Hair Tips & More!

I was recently at a client's house when she asked what were the rules of women wearing hats???    Blank faced, I did not have the answers but NOW I do!  Peruse my post full of do's and dont's of where to wear hats as well as on-trend hat silhouettes.  Lastly, learn a few hair styling tips and tricks to keep that winter hat head at bay!

Women – Fashion hats (not baseball-style caps) can be left on....

  • In someone's home

Women — Take your fashion hat off…

Women — Remove baseball-style (unisex) caps…

Wide Brim Fedora:

Eugenia Kim Florence Genie Hat

Floppy Felt Hat:
Phase 3 Floppy Wool Hat
Outback Fedora:

Rag n Bone Floppy Fedora Hat

Urban Baseball Cap:

'Home Run' Adjustable Baseball Hat

Knitted Beenie:

Free People's Grizzly Brushed Beenie

Monday, December 8, 2014

Jack Maxwell. Booze Traveler. Travel Channel. Wardrobe Stylist - ME!!!

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Booze Traveler for Jack Maxwell's wardrobe styled by ME!!!
   Booze Traveler airing Mondays at 10pst.
"Jack takes a moment to take in the view from the docks on the island of Bozcaada"
"Jack and Gerhard in the scenic Austrian forest, sharing small boot- glass shots of Zirben"
"A toast is raised at the hut party, a gathering for dinner lakeside amid the beautiful Austrian scenery"
"Jack learns how to distill Icelandic moonshine known as Landi"

The Subtle Art of Sparkle: Holiday Looks That The Wearer Shine Through

Shop Each Festive Look For The Holidays:

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Connected Fashion Festival- Shop Till You Drop!

Come shop with ME at Connected Fashion Festival in the Arts District in DTLA!  Tons of fabulous men's and women's wear, plus accessories!!!  Bring a canned food and gain free entrance to the event.
I will be out and about picking and posting my favorite pieces from the vendors.  Join me shopping or come find me in the bloggers lounge (from 1-3pm) for a chat.

Happy Black Sunday