Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Updating Your Guy's Drawer

  Adidas Men's Sport Performance Boxer Brief (2 or 4 Pack)

Lightweight athletically designed boxer briefs with a user rating of 84%. Other Features: great fit, non-chafing, moisture wicking, and won't ride up.

 MeUndies Men's Trunk

Boxer briefs meant to keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. These trunks come in a multitude of colors and come in matching styles for men and women! Perfect for gifting, with a user score rating of 89%.

 PUMP! Ninja Jock

Classic black micromesh jockstrap that lifts and defines with enough support to actually enjoy that "barely-there" feeling.  5/5 star user rating.

  Tommy John Second Skin Trunks

Lightweight, super soft & thin barely-there trunks with a 96% user score.
Comes in various colors and is famous for feeling like you've got nothing on!
Comes in a variety of colors.

User score of 99% and known as "the epitome of comfort".
Known for no chafing, no riding up, a great fit and support.
Comes in basic colors. 

Voted best boxers overall with a user score of 81%.
Described as "the perfect gentleman's undergarment", made with high quality cotton fabric that provides a feel second to none.

GQ's favorite workout tee with a 5/5 star rating.
Hugs in all the right (most flattering) places and is said to withstand even your toughest training sessions!  

4.8/5 star rated undershirt that does the job - and is
cheap enough to buy in multiples 
at the stellar price of $5.90!

A simple, soft and recognizable crowd favorite that really is as comfortable as it is wallet-friendly. Provides a bit more structure than it's UNIQLO alternative, while still serving as a good undershirt. 

A 4-Pack of luxury socks in classic color and pattern.

A 3-Pack of luxury socks in classic color and pattern.

Soft and sturdy socks that are designed to not slip - available for the worthy price of $4.90.

On-sale luxury socks that are fun and unique but totally wearable.

NEVER show up to your workout in dress socks. Escape the pain with these firm, properly padded no-show athletic socks. 4/5 star rating.

Perhaps the best deal of all - $2.90 for one pair and $9.92 for four pairs. Comfortable and stylish basic sock available in 50 colors!

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